Metal Glass Heat Tube

Type:Metal Glass Solar Heat Tube
Structurer:Single glass tube vacuum inside
Working angle against sun:27~38 Deg.
Working pressure:6.0 bar
Working temperature:-50~300°C
Guarantee:25 years


1).This is Full Vacuum Tube with Direct Flow Pipe.

2).High heat efficiency, 15% higher efficiency than normal vacuum tube.

3).The direct flow pipe is made up by two concentric single-wall-tubes.

4).Cold water follows through the inner tube from upside down and flows out to the collector from the bottom through the space between the inner & outer tube,

taking the heat made by the absorber

5).It could be installed at any angle, even horizontally, while normally heat pipe tube should be installed at 30°-90°


Product list

Model: DF Ø70/1700

Dimension:Ø70 mm x 1700 mm

Weight:2.29 kg

Heat pipe:Inner copper pipe: Ø 8 mm,Outer copper pipe: Ø 15 mm

Absorber material:Copper;Thickness: 0.6 mm

Selective coating:SS-AlN-CU;Absorptance: a > 0.92;Emittance: ε < 0.08

Glass tube:material :Borosilicate glass, Thickness: 2 mm

Vacuum:< 10-8 bar

Min. ambient temp.:-50°C

Stagnation temp.:300°C

Resistance to hail:Ø35mm


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