Metal Heat Pipe Collector

Type:High pressure Metal Heat Pipe Collector
Color:Aluminum alloy painted
Manifold materials:Copper
Bracket:Aluminum alloy
Working angle against sun:27~38 Deg.
Working pressure:6.0 bar
Working temperature:-25~99°C
Guarantee:25 years


In the heat-tube the high heat-conductive heat-tube type core,shaped aluminum heat-absorbing sheet,high-B-Si glass,magneric-controlled sputtered selective absorption coating and medium-temperature hot press and sealing of metal are adopted.



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Tube dimension:diameter 70mm,length 1700mm

Condenser dimension:diameter14mm/20mm optional,length 75mm

Vacuum date:<10-5MPa

Absorntion effieiency:≥96%


Absorptive coating:AL/N/O selctive

Absorb material:Aluminum,0.6mm thickness

Glass materials:Thick Borosilicate Glass

Stagnation temperaturer:-45℃

Wind resistance:130m/s

Net. weight:2.6kg

Hot water outat average 65℃:12L/day

Products list
Model : CUCMP70/8

Daily hot water out:100L

Metal Glass Tube:70*1700mm 

Tubes quantity:8 pcs

Per unit package:0.20CBM,340KG

20/40G/40H container load:140/280/335 pcs

Model : CUCMP70/10

Daily hot water out:120L

Metal Glass Tube:70*1700mm 

Tubes quantity:10 pcs

Per unit package:0.21CBM,34KG

20/40G/40H container load:127/255/322 pcs

Model : CUCMP70/15

Daily hot water out:180L

Metal Glass Tube:70*1700mm 

Tubes quantity:15 pcs

Per unit package:0.26CBM,50KG

20/40G/40H container load:102/204/257 pcs

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