Horizontal Solar Collector

Type:Low pressure vacuum tube solar collector
Color:Stainless steel
Manifold materials:SUS3042B
Bracket:Galvanized or Stainless steel
Working angle against sun:27~38 Deg.
Working pressure:2.0 bar
Working temperature:0~99°C
Guarantee:15 years


1).Vacuum tube:absorb efficiency ≥93%,heat lose≤6%

2).Freeze Protection: Vacuum can prevent freeze in cold climate,-20 degree

3).Working pressure:2.0 bar for working,3.0 bar for testing

4).Safety:even have water in tube,but the glass is specificall for outdoor,25mm diameter hail will no damage

5).The best efficiency:directory heating structure,efficiency more than 65%

6).Provide enough heat energy to storage tank,each square meter can save 6khw energy every day!

7).Details of Vacuum Tube please click here

Products list
Model : CUCGT47/60

Daily hot water out:480L

Vacuum Tubes:47*1500mm 

Tubes quantity:60 pcs

Per unit package:0.41CBM,125KG

20/40G/40H container load:65/131/163 pcs

Model : CUCGT58/50

Daily hot water out:500L

Vacuum Tubes:58*1800mm 

Tubes quantity:50 pcs

Per unit package:0.64CBM,135KG

20/40G/40H container load: 42/84/104pcs



1,Always used in non-pressure hot water systems,the collector install on roof,and the tank on room,a circulate pump from collector to tank.

2,The cheapest solar collector for commercial or industry solar systems,supply enough hot water,always need a pump pressurized hot water out.

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