What size collector do I need?

Collector Size - You must enter the collector size in absorber surface area.

The absorber surface area of the various tubes sizes are as follows:

- 58/1800 = 0.08m2 per tube. Therefore a Sunpark 20 tube = 1.6m2 absorber area- 58/1500 = 0.067m2 per tube

Energy Cost - Enter cost per kWh in your local currency

(may need to convert from m3 or Therms)

1 therm = 29.3kWh = 100,000Btu = 105.5MJ

Natural Gas is 39MJ/m3 = 10.83 kWh/m3

LPG Propane (liquid) = 25.3MJ/L = 7kWh/L

LPG Propane (gas) = 93.3MJ/m3 = 25.9kWh/m3

When determining what size collector you need, you must consider two key factors: insolation level and energy requirements

The calculator below can help to determine how many evacuated tubes you require given your energy requirements. Solar collectors come in a set of standard sizing of 10, 20, 24 or 30, depending on your region


Water volume:________________litres

Temp rise:___________________℃

You require:__________________Evacuated tubes

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