MBB Half Cell panel 435W-455W

Cell Type:Mono Crystalline 166x83mm
Number Of Cells:144(6x24)
Glass:3.2mm Tempered Low Iron Glass
Aluminium Frame:Anodised Aluminium
Junction Box:Split Junction Box (IP68 )
Connector:Mc4 Compatible
Output Cables:4.0mm²,+300mm,-300mm (Customized Length optional)

MBB Half Cell panel 435W-455W

1).IP68 Junction Box and Connector have a high degree of waterproof, effectively resist the harsh environment

2).The junction box carries a current of 15A, ensuring high current flow through the modules

3).Glue-spilled tank has a double-layer waterproof, cross-section with hook-shaped aluminum frame, enhanced by 10% of the mechanical load strength

4).The module refines the current division, thus effectively reducing the loss of up to 2% due to mismatch and increasing the power output of 

the system

5).Excellent salt spray resistance, anti-ammonia and anti PID, TUV, SUD certification approved

6).Passed the 2400pa wind load and 5400pa snow load test, ensuring that the module has a stable mechanical life

7).Modules are packaged according to color classification, to achieve consistent appearance after installation

Mechanical Drawings

   2-2.jpg 2-3.jpg

Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Power At STC(Pmax)    440W
Short Circuit Current(Isc)    11.21A 
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)    49.4V
Maximum Power Current(Impp)    10.73A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmpp)    41.0V
Module Efficiency    19.92%
Power Tolerance    0~+5W
STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temp., AM1.5.
Maximum Power At STC(Pmax)    445W
Short Circuit Current(Isc)    11.29A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)    49.7V
Maximum Power Current(Impp)    10.80A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmpp)    41.2V
Module Efficiency    20.14%
Power Tolerance    0~+5W
STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temp., AM1.5.
Maximum Power At STC(Pmax)    450W
Short Circuit Current(Isc)    11.36A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)    50.0V
Maximum Power Current(Impp)    10.87A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmpp)    41.4V
Module Efficiency    20.37%
Power Tolerance    0~+5W
STC: 1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temp., AM1.5.
Maximum Power At STC(Pmax)    455W
Short Circuit Current(Isc)    11.43A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)    50.3V
Maximum Power Current(Impp)    10.94A
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmpp)    41.6V
Module Efficiency    20.60%
Power Tolerance    0~+5W
STC:1000W/m2 irradiance, 25°C cell temp., AM1.5.

Packing Configuration
40HP Container
30 pieces on per pallet
22 pallets in per container
660  pieces module in container

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