High Pressure Solar Water Heater

Type:Evacuated Tube
Circulation Type:Direct / Open Loop (Active)
Connection Type:Direct-Plug
Main Material:SUS304-2B 1.5mm thickness
Capacity:100-300L optional
Heat pipe condence Ø14~Ø22mm
Brand Name:OEM
Heat preservation:72hours
Warranty:15 Years


1).Heat Pipe Plus Vacuum Tube structure, no any water in tube, if tube broken, the water not lose.

2).High pressure storage tank (Tested pressure = 9 bar) 

3).Highly efficient heat pipe technology with daily average efficiency over 60%

4).Start up quickly, heat pipe transfer the heat energy into the storage tank in one direction.

5).No water inside the evacuated tubes; the solar water heater can still in service even with several tubes breakage

6).Anti-freeze can be used all year round in the cold climate;

7).Automatic Electrical Heater include,it will switch on/off according your set water temperature

8).Relief Valve(6.0bar) include,if the water tank pressure rise more than 6 bar,the valve will open by automatic,insure user safety

9).Can be used together with Auxiliary electric boost or gas heater



Inner Tank1.5mm 304/316L Stainless steel

Outer TankGalvanized steel Sheet,Surface plastic painting

SupportingGalvanized steel Sheet,Surface plastic painting

Insulating LayerFoaming polyurethane, Thickness:55mm

Working PressureNormal working pressure: 6bar Test pressure: 9bar

Electric Booster1500W with automatic swith on/off

Relief Valve6.0 bar/99℃ protection

Heat pipeTri-element vacuum tube plus super heat pipe

MagnesiumMagnesium bar protect the water clean


Products list


Capacity:Storage 180L 

Vacuum Tubes:Ø58*1800mm

Tubes quantity per unit:18 pcs

Heat Pipe:Ø7*1700mm  18pcs included

Absorptive Aluminum Fin:18pcs included


20/40G/40H Container load:48/96/115 pcs


Capacity:Storage 200L 

Vacuum Tubes:Ø58*1800mm

Tubes quantity per unit:20 pcs

Heat Pipe:Ø7*1700mm  20 pcs included

Absorptive Aluminum Fin:20 pcs included


20/40G/40H Container load:34/71/84 pcs


Capacity:Storage 240L 

Vacuum Tubes:Ø58*1800mm

Tubes quantity per unit:24 pcs

Heat Pipe:Ø7*1700mm  24 pcs included

Absorptive Aluminum Fin:24 pcs included


20/40G/40H Container load:31/61/73 pcs


Capacity:Storage 300L 

Vacuum Tubes:Ø58*1800mm

Tubes quantity per unit:30 pcs

Heat Pipe:Ø7*1700mm  30 pcs included

Absorptive Aluminum Fin:30 pcs included


20/40G/40H Container load:23/49/59 pcs

Working principle


*** We can offer specifications as your required ***

*** OEM service:we offer OEM products with your logo ***


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