Flat Panel Solar Water Heater

Type:Flat panel collector
Circulation Type:Direct / Open Loop (Active)
Main Material:SUS304-2B Stainless Steel
Capacity:100-300L optional
Work under warm climate
Brand Name:OEM
Heat preservation:72hours
Warranty:15 Years


If your home is in a temperature or tropical location,which is not subject to frost,and you a cheap solar thermal system,the CUSFP model is ideal.This system operation on the natural thermosiphon principle,i,e.when water is heated it rises.The CUSFP system directly heats the water as it passes through the collectors and then automatically circulates it back into the storage tank.This process continues whilst the sun is shining,giving you and your family hot water free from the sun.

1).A range of systems to suit your needs

2).Long life stainless steel cylinder

3).COUREL designed and manufactured

4).Energy consumption reduced for water heating by 70-90%

5).Peace of mind COUREL SOLAR warrant



1).Inner Tank:Stainless Steel SUS3042B 0.5mm thickness,welding by argon protection

2).Out Shell:Galvanized Steel coated a anticorrosion layer(white color)

3).Frame:Galvanized Steel coated a anticorrosion layer,thickness 1.5mm

4).1500w Current Electrical Heater include

5).Cold in:1/2 inch male

6).Hot out:1/2 inch male

7).Circulate In/Out:3/4 inch male

8).Install angle:38-45 degree

9).Flat Plate Collector technical: CUCFP

Products list

Capacity:Storage 150L 

Flat panel:L2000 * W1000mm-1 piece


20/40G/40H Container load:40/87/87 pcs


Capacity:Storage 300L 

Flat panel:L2000 * W1000mm-2 piece


20/40G/40H Container load:21/43/50 pcs

Working principle


*** We can offer specifications as your required ***

*** OEM service:we offer OEM products with your logo ***


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